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Women get active for road safety

Clare Vale (right) and Maylee Harris... making a difference.Clare Vale (right) and Maylee Harris... making a difference. Petro Kruger and Susan Marshall, hands on at the Tugela Toll project.Petro Kruger and Susan Marshall, hands on at the Tugela Toll project.

Women in Road Safety, a forum of the Road Safety Foundation, was established in August 2011 by a group of women who have chosen to actively and positively influence society on road safety and safe driver behaviour. It is their goal to strive for safety on our roads to help reduce the loss and pain experienced as a result of accidents.

The forum is guided by a steering committee of ladies who are dedicated to raising awareness of road safety issues and educating new and established drivers about safe driving. Many of the members are in one way or another involved in the automotive industry, but membership of Women in Road Safety is open to all women throughout South Africa.

Women are incredibly influential and as mothers, sisters, wives, teachers, aunts and friends are uniquely equipped to use this power to change behaviour in a positive way. "As part of our personal commitment to road safety, the steering committee of Women in Road Safety will, through dedicated campaigns, positively contribute to safe driver behaviour and attempt to entice road users to consider the consequences of their actions. Women in Road Safety is a team of committed and passionate ladies who are determined to use their caring power to make road safety a priority. History shows us many examples of women’s ability to motivate for change – not least here in South Africa,” says Clare Vale, Appointed chairperson and spokesperson of Women in Road Safety.

Women in Road Safety is focused on improved driver behaviour and aims to use its influence to encourage all husbands, boyfriends, friends, and children to put their hands up for road safety. Road Safety is an issue that impacts everyone, whether it is a direct emotional impact due to a loss or injury to an individual or someone special to them, or an indirect cost to the economy. More importantly each person can make a difference and reduce the number of accidents on our roads, simply by becoming more aware of poor driving habits and adopting driving patterns that promote Road Safety.

Current projects include a December Road Safety Campaign to raise awareness about child safety in cars and to create general awareness regarding road safety by means of a positive message. The campaign will address safety of small children by the use of child seats and slightly older children by the use of booster seats.

The project will also invite local musicians and selected celebrities to record a road safety message, together with a selection of local music on a CD to be distributed free of charge along major routes. The concept behind the CD is that it provides an ideal opportunity to put the road safety message across in a positive way, through well-known individuals who are seen as role models.

Other projects include a modular programme aimed at learners in Grades 9, 10 and 11. The aim of the programme is to make learners "road aware” before they attempt their K53 tests and equip them to act as responsible drivers once they hit the road.

"This powerful force for positive change is long overdue, and in keeping with the objectives of the Global Decade of Action for Road Safety, we will not rest until we see measurable improvements and better driver behaviour,” comments Vale.

Women from all walks of life, across all racial and cultural divides are invited to join the Women in Road Safety movement – together we CAN make a difference.

Very successful Easter Campaign

70 seats handed out in two days at Montrose Shell Ultra City

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Easter Road Safety Campaign

Women in Road Safety will be conducting a road safety campaign from 28th - 29th March at the Shell Montrose Facility on the N3. This campaign will target general road safety awareness as well as child safety in the vehicle.

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