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Date : 11 March 2013

2013 Easter Road Safety Campaign

 Women in Road Safety (a forum of The Road Safety Foundation) conducted a successful road safety campaign on the N3 Toll Route over the weekend 14th to 16th December 2012. The campaign was based at the Shell Montrose facility and targeted two aspects of road safety: child safety in the car and general road safety awareness.

"There is a great need for information regarding the correct use of child seats in cars,” says Clare Vale, chairperson of Women in Road Safety. "Many parents are unaware of the risks they are taking when driving with their children unsecured, and others find that affordability of new seats is a problem. Our objective is to help educate the public whilst assisting those who genuinely find that the outlay for new seats is too great a hurdle in these tough times.”

Members of Women in Road Safety will be on site at the Shell Montrose facility with a supply of donated, refurbished child seats on hand from 12h00 on Thursday, March 28th until 22h00, and on Friday, March 29th from 08h00 until 12h00. Based on the successful project pioneered by Drive More Safely in the Western Cape, seats are offered to the public on the basis that a family can donate what they feel they can afford in order to receive the correct size child seat.

A database of beneficiaries is maintained so that as children grow out of seats, they can be returned and re-used for new families. All donations are used for the refurbishment project and for the purchase of additional seats. Informed volunteers from Wheel Well Centre and IMPERIAL I-Pledge will be on hand, dispensing advice and educational pamphlets to parents, and inviting travellers to make the I-Pledge road safety commitment.

"We distributed 69 seats in one weekend during our December campaign at Montrose,” says Clare Vale. "This proves that many parents will make use of child restraints if they have access to an affordable option. However, we also found that some families were unwilling to take seats for a variety of reasons, including lack of space and children objecting to being strapped in. There is clearly still a great need for education if we are to reduce the estimated death toll of 1,500 children losing their lives on our roads every year.”

The project is supported by Wheel Well Centre (a non-profit road safety organisation), IMPERIAL I-Pledge, Bridgestone SA, EWC Express and the N3 Toll Concession.  Women in Road Safety urges all parents to ensure that they use the proper seat for their child’s age, height and weight, and that these seats are used at all times, including for short trips.

Very successful Easter Campaign

70 seats handed out in two days at Montrose Shell Ultra City

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Easter Road Safety Campaign

Women in Road Safety will be conducting a road safety campaign from 28th - 29th March at the Shell Montrose Facility on the N3. This campaign will target general road safety awareness as well as child safety in the vehicle.

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